About Us

Who'd have thought that from that very first night under canvas on Urmston Meadows in 1962, that I'd still behold this sincere interest and passion for anything 'outdoorsy', as Margaret would say. Camping, caravanning, canoeing, boating and now motor homing; It's been in my blood for over 50 years and I guess it isn't going to go away anytime soon.

It is this passion that drives both Margaret and I on, to produce the very best in caravan and motorhome stickers that is possible within our means and capabilities, for all you 'like minded' people out there. Anything just won't do. We work tirelessly in our aim to achieve the high quality and extensive range that adorns our catalogue. This task doesn't come easy as it is this ongoing determination, trying to be the best at what we do, that increases the selection available to you on a daily basis; albeit a struggle during the summer season as the demand for our products increases every year.

We're not perfect. We do have to put some challenges on the back boiler due to time constraints and technical boundaries, but winter is always a good time to re-visit them.

There is only the two of us working side by side here on the design, production and packaging roles, so the pressure and pace of life can be quite demanding as we leave the age of retirement behind us in the scrap bin. Our 'Media Manager', (son Chris), however, works painstakingly hard in 'Taz' mode whipping us both into the 21st Century via new websites, 'Facebook', 'Twitter' etc. He has turned a 'helping hand' into a full time, behind the scenes roll of youthful exuberance and encouragement that will have us both either 'fit as fiddles' or 'fit to drop'. Let's hope it's the former.


We sincerely hope that you enjoy your perusal through our catalogue. Oh....and don't forget to 'click' the 'Add to Cart' button before you leave.


Best regards from us all.


Margaret, Ian & Chris.